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Jobs in Jianghehai Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
Sales Business Commissioner 
Job Requirements: 
  1. Female, college or above, age is not limited. 
  2. Strong communication skills, capable work, strong sense of responsibility, familiar with computers, documents, picture processing. 
  3. Have sales experience with the book, understand e-commerce, water treatment, environmental, mechanical equipment, water supply engineering knowledge is preferred. 
Sales Engineer 
Job Requirements: 
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2. Bachelor degree or above in water supply and drainage or environmental engineering; 
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4. Strong communication skills, quick response, strong ability to accept professional knowledge; 
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6. can travel; 
TIG welding 
Job Requirements: 
  1. Male, age is not limited, education is not limited. 
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  3. hands-on ability, flexibility, practical work, can seriously obey the company's work arrangements, have experience in the middle of the welder certificate and engaged in water treatment work priority